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Screw the

Finally grow your business to the NEXT LEVEL- without pushing harder or trying yet another business strategy.

When everything you're trying isn’t working...

You’ve already built a business you’re proud of, but you’re...

underpaid- not charging your worth or converting more sales

maxed out- you’ve hit your client capacity so leave money on the table

overstretched- doing it all yourself but feel scared to hire people who depend on you for their livelihood

unfulfilled- Your long list of daily to-dos pulls you away from what truly excites + inspires you

exhausted from all the try. try. trying. so hard to breakthrough

disillusioned from all the gurus, coaches and strategies you’ve tried that haven’t worked

alone because it seems everyone else is succeeding when you’re stuck struggling

But...You’re also

DETERMINED…to breakthrough to your big next level and you won’t rest until you do!

And you just wish someone would answer your question…“Would someone just PLEASE JUST TELL ME WHAT I’M DOING WRONG. Why isn’t this working?”

Extraordinary Women Rising was designed JUST for you!

Want the

I know you can handle it...

The problem? It’s YOU! You’re your own biggest obstacle…

People pleasing, perfectionism, insecurities, self doubt, fear, critical self- talk and ‘stinkin’ thinkin’ block the wealth, success and abundance you crave!

You don’t have a strategy problem, you have an IDENTITY problem!

Strategy + Tactics = DOING 


Thinking + Believing = BEING

It's a bitter pill but it’s also the magic pill!

To take your business to the next level, YOU have to grow your SELF to the next level.

Ready to upgrade your identity and increase your capacity for MORE?

We’re not talking about funnels, social media or blogging… (snooze)

This is serious higher level Sh*t

Using neuroscience, behavioral psychology, and a dash of the woo, you’ll

breakthrough your own Bullshit…

release your limiting beliefs,

silence your inner critic

unlock your fullest potential

And take this new upleveled YOU into the heart (sales) and soul (leadership) of your company

become a master soulful selling machine

increase your capacity for more clients, revenue and results

grow your team without fear and feeling pressure

create systems and automation that keep things flowing like a well oiled machine

scale your existing offer beyond your wildest dreams

step into the inspirational visionary and leader your company needs you to be!

Become the next level
version of yourself


Transformation comes when practical entrepreneurial advice meets deep personal growth!

Here’s exactly how this works...

Part Course // part coaching // part mastermind

The Coursework

You get immediate access to our online training portal with over 8 hours of actionable, self-paced modules. Our program takes you on a deep personal growth journey to release limiting beliefs, retrain your brain, rewrite your narrative, free yourself from emotional blocks and fears and helps you become a fully integrated leader at the helm of your business. Then we show you how to show up as this empowered and unstoppable you to the sales and leadership realms (the heart and soul) of your company so you can sell more and build your dream team! This includes a copy of our gorgeous leather bound journal mailed directly to you!

The Coaching

Receive elite level, world class personal growth and high performance coaching & mentoring with Hilary and her team! Get personalized feedback and questions answered by true experts – someone who (is actually living what it is you are trying to create) has actually succeeded at what you are trying to achieve. Achieve profound well-being as you’re guided and mentored into your next level self + practical feedback on your work and business during the 2 Live Q and A coaching calls/month AND 6, 1:1 private sessions with your mindset coach. This is where you learn to apply your new tools and skills as the inspirational leader at the helm of your business.

The Mastermind

Be in community with like-minded women on a mission. Making connections, sharing experiences, exchanging resources and growing together means you get there faster! This is invaluable and becomes the best part – truly!

learn from the

Hi, I’m Hilary

I’m a world renown clinical psychotherapist turned master coach, mentor and advisor to ambitious high achieving women who want MORE!

What started as a simple brick and mortar therapy practice 20 years ago, has grown into a multimillion dollar women’s empowerment company.

Our programs combine neuroscience, emotional intelligence and cognitive tools with spiritual activation techniques to help women become the most vibrant, capable and powerful version of themselves so they can get everything they want!

Getting here was a serious test of my will. It took 4 years and over $100k in programs, coaches, PR, soul crushing trial and error and pure determination to close the private practice but since I cracked the code – I’ve been unstoppable.

And now I’m teaching YOU what it REALLY takes to breakthrough to the next level.

Here are my numbers to prove it!

Gross Revenue after closing private practice completely:

First month: $53k
First year: $750k
Second year: $1.3MM
Third year: $2.2MM
Fourth year: on track for $3.4MM

(all while showing up as wife to my partner of 20 years and mom to my high spirited kids)

I’m living proof that my methods work. If I can do it …
I can show you how to do it too!

“Hi everyone hope 2020 is off to a good start for you. I just finished 3rd week of journaling and I FEEL fantastic! I’ve made time each morning to take the time to focurs my mind and energy. I am working on a major change in my life and the journal is helping me to get the universe working for me to accomplish this goal. I have also gotten a lot of compliments on how great I look!! Never gets old. Have an amazing day everyone!”


This is bigger than goal setting… This is next level living

And that means upgrading your mindset, your capacity, your beliefs and your view of yourself…

Start expecting more of yourself, from yourself and for yourself....

What’s your next level?

Imagine what it will feel like when...

making $100k/month and more is your new normal

you are totally debt free and have complete financial freedom

you can buy what you want, when you want without thinking if you can afford it

you pay your credit card off each month without feeling a pinch

you can book travel without breaking the budget

you are able to hire help to do things in your life you no longer want to do (think meal prep, folding laundry or running errands)

your money in the bank makes you more money in one year than your previous annual income (this is happening for me)

AND you do all of this

by fulfilling your passion, purpose and mission in life

while not feeling like you’re even working at all because running your company is a joy that fills you up rather than depletes you

and have plenty of time, energy and focus for family, friends and yourself!

It's time to stop focusing on what you are DOING.

What matters is WHO YOU ARE when you are doing it.

It's time to focus on who you are BEING!

Until you grow your IDENTITY and increase your capacity for MORE you’ll remain exactly where you are.

Let’s grow your business to the next level from the INSIDE OUT!

So thankful for this journal! It is beautiful, has helped me, and pushed me to dive deeper. Thank you Hilary for creating and giving me the tools to the best version of me more and more everyday!!


My life is forever changed by this experience and worth every dollar I invested in myself. Update: I’m in Hawaii working on the documentary film of my dreams. Thank you, Hilary!

– Sara P.

Here’s What makes Extraordinary Women Rising

Part 1

Growing Your Capacity & Identity

Module 1

Get clear where you’ve been stuck and why and set your intention for exactly what you want.

Module 2

Learn a new daily pen-to-paper practice that actually creates new neural pathways in your brain to take your entire life to a whole new level of existence.

Module 3

Learn how to transform your internal “mean girl” to your BFF, create meta-awareness, identify repeat thoughts + behavior patterns, and demystify negative self-fulfilling prophecies. Plus, learn a 30-second centering technique to interrupt the sabotage.

Module 4

Install a new belief system! Dig deep into your core beliefs in your subconscious (where all of the BS lives), and install a new set of beliefs that support the life you want.

Module 5

Do the juicy inner child and shadow work to end the shame spiral, get out of anxiety mode, release perfectionism and fear of rejection. This is where you dump your ‘baggage,’ discover what I call the connection zone (™), and step into your new powerful identity.

Module 6

Your energy is a magnet for attraction. Master your energetic state, recognize low energy (and how to get out of it), and go from victim to visionary. Create endless flow, creativity and love, and become a woman who recognizes opportunities and allows you to attract and manifest precisely what you want.

Part 2

The Psychology Of Successful Soulful Selling

Sales is the heart of your company like it or not. No matter how your company is set up for selling, if you aren’t making money, you don’t have a business. Expect serious mindset shifts and re-write your narratives around money and selling!

Learn the anatomy of a sales call – so you can identify if a potential client has a problem you can solve and get them to understand the value of what you deliver.

Apply these components to other forms of selling like webinars, copy or speaking from stage. If you don’t master this, your business will fail like 95% of businesses do.

Plus learn the Secret To Getting The Yes Every Time.

Part 3

Authentic and Effective Leadership

How to be the leader people want to follow. You have to walk the walk everyday – not just in your business but in life. When you’ve done your OWN work on yourself, you are now able to lead others to do the same. This means you show up your ideal self as the leader at the helm of your business – with healthy boundaries, effective communication skills, your own self care (which includes being healthy and maintaining harmony between work and personal life).

How to create a culture and environment people are drawn to and thrive in.

How to build a loyal and devoted team and a drama-free environment with true professionals who work hard for you, serve your clients and represent your mission in the world- so you don’t have to do it all by yourself.

This is how you get serious results for your clients – if you can’t model it, you can’t teach it! It starts with YOU!

Let’s talk

Sales Scripts, literally what to say to potential clients

Essential Team Member Job Descriptions

New Hire Contracts

Client Onboarding Systems and Processes

Employee Handbook

Had my first extraordinary journaling and visualization experience this morning. Woah! So profound! Event with the somewhat erratic images I had, it brought to the forefront of my brain a general image of what I’ve wanted my future to look like (but was never actually able to bring into focus). Thanks so much Hilary!!

8 days after just one coaching call, I raised my fee (after trying for 2 years) and got my first client at my new price. Then just 10 days later, I got two clients in one day! Thank you a thousand times over!!!

– Kellie D.

From a coaching perspective, your materials are freaking amazing!! I can’t imagine how much time you put into all of this. Thanks for being a fabulous example of excellence! You lit a fire under my butt and I have a wait list of clients wanting to work with me.

– Carol

At the heart of Extraordinary Women Rising

Be your best self meets no-nonsense entrepreneurial know-how.

Actionable business advice meets deep personal growth.

Profound well-being meets wealth and financial abundance 

From someone who walks the walk everyday and is exactly where you are trying to go… 

So when everything you’re trying isn’t working, it’s time to look in the mirror and

Not sure you’ll be able to make time for such a comprehensive program?

Not sure you can afford to invest in yourself or your business?

I understand that 6 months may sound like a long time. But that’s because true transformation – the kind that changes your life – takes time, repetition + practice to be fully integrated. There are no “quick fix’ promises here.

And we believe that women who want something bad enough, always get resourceful and figure how to make it happen.

Everyday that you are NOT growing towards $100k/month is a day you’ve lost that revenue. It’s costing you to stay stuck in status quo.

To TRANSCEND THE ORDINARY you must do something EXTRAORDINARY for yourself.

So here’s the truth...

You’re going to learn a TON and spend the rest of the time getting support while you apply what you’ve learned= tangible change

It’s about investing in yourself so you can show up as your fullest, highest self in business and in life…for the rest of your life

If YOU don’t invest in you… no one else will

Upgrading your SELF means you get used to investing in yourself REGULARLY… It’s your new normal so get used to it

An investment in yourself is an investment in your business

The YOU that got you this far, will not be the YOU that gets you to the next level

If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you keep getting what you’ve always gotten… you’ll stay right where you are!

So if you are committed, coachable and resourceful, and show up ready to do the work, you will be setting yourself up for a LIFETIME of success in ALL AREAS of your life. Your family, friends and future self will thank you for it!

Still wondering if Extraordinary Women Rising is right for you?

This is for you if:

You already have an existing business, an offer, program, product or service with a marketing system bringing in clients (a funnel) and you want to scale

You’re having some success in your biz and are already making a living but you want to achieve YOUR next level

You’re coachable and ready to invest in the personal growth necessary for real business growth

You’re committed and able to invest time, effort and resources necessary for lasting change

You’re looking for guidance and mentoring from a leader who knows mental health, wellness AND business so you trust the process

You want to learn from someone who has actually done what you want to do and has the experience of running both a thriving online business and a family and home

You’re ready to stop going in circles, wasting time and money on all the external superficial strategies and tactics that don’t work, stop the sabotage and learn to receive the success you deeply desire while staying 100% true to yourself

This is not for you if:

You are still in the idea stage of business but haven’t started yet

You need the nuts and bolts of creating a business, don’t have clients coming in or a clear product or service offer yet

Your business hasn’t made any money yet + you’re still unsure of what it is you actually want to build or do

You’re unwilling to show up for yourself and make the necessary investments to create a profitable business

You’re not coachable, resist feedback or get defensive when looking at yourself, your patterns or behavior

You want a quick fix, shortcut to building your business and to do it the cheapest way possible with haphazard advice from dozens of different people who lack integrity

You prefer learning from big name industry gurus who will never know your name, look at you and your business and don’t really care about your success as long as you’re willing to pay their fees

You’d prefer to keep getting the same results over and over because being stuck in the familiar is a predictable kind of comfortable

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