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the ultimate act of self love

To Success In All Areas Of Your Life!

2020 was my best year ever. I took my business from less than a million to 5.4 million and my income went up 5 fold. I accelerated after doing the program realizing how my ‘not good enough’ was getting in my way.


“My life is forever changed by this experience and worth every dollar I invested in myself. Update: I’m in Hawaii working on the documentary film of my dreams. Thank you, Hilary!


8 days after just one coaching call, I raised my fee (after trying for 2 years) and got my first client at my new price. Then just 10 days later, I got two clients in one day! Thank you a thousand times over!!!


I am in the process of selling my business. Thanks to your course I know my worth! In a room full of men I stood my ground and I got what I wanted. I do believe in what you are doing. It is worth the money!

– Elaine

I want to thank you Hilary Silver for teaching me to always know my worth and to ask for what I want. I put my house on the market on Monday last week. I told my realtor how much I wanted, and he said “thats 25.00 a square foot more than any other house listed or has sold in the neighborhood”. I replied,  “I don’t care that’s what I want to list it at, it’s worth it!” I now I have a bidding war going on for more than I priced the house at.  Ladies stand your ground and go get what YOU want and Deserve!!!

– Gina

From a coaching perspective, your materials are freaking amazing! I can’t imagine how much time you put into all of this. Thank you for being a fabulous example of excellence! You lit a fire under my butt, and I have a wait list of clients waiting to work with me.